Game made for the 2014 CyberJam

As someone coming from the Western sector, you're now considered the scum of the Earth after the loss of the Second Nuclear World War.

Title Screen

Nevertheless, you moved with your family, with the hope of providing a better future for them.

Get ready

As a former paratrooper, you're soon involved in the "DragonFall", an event of strange nature where living humans willingly throw themselves in an often lethal freefall.

Your goal is to survive for the length of the fall and don't get it by a laser ray, mines or limits of the freefall zone.
Survive the fall and you might get closer to providing a healthy life to your family.

InGame violence, be warned

Enjoy this HTML5 game in an up to date browser with up to date graphic card drivers.

Simply move your character with the arrow keys.

Good luck !

When you survive for the length of the fall...